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Read our report The Transition from Primary to Secondary Education to Prevent ESL

The report "Transition from Primary to Secondary Education to Prevent Early School Leaving from a Diversity Perspective: Context, Interviews & Good Practices" was developed during the first year of the DREAMS project. It will guide the reader through concepts and links between Primary to Secondary transition and ESL, as well as through a deeper understanding of early ESL risk factors such as the gender and minority gaps. In order to do so, the report presents three main sections:

  • A first section with basic research for each country, and with a contextualization for partner schools;

  • A second section with interviews to the school community (students, school staff and parents) including three videos summarizing the interviews;

  • A third section with 13 good practices in Primary to Secondary school transitions and/or ESL prevention during initial Secondary stages.

We hope the reader finds this report useful in order to further understand and contextualize Primary to Secondary school transitioning and its relevance to prevent ESL.


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