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Insight into the DREAMS method: we worked closely with students to address their doubts and fears re

A teacher from ICCG (Italy) shares her experience with the DREAMS piloting:

"I am Loredana Lo Duca, I work as Italian teacher at the Cassarà-Guida Institute in Partinico. In general, it was a very positive experience. The project activities have enriched my theatrical knowledge and skills. Already in the past I did some theatre experience with my students, but for sure I found the activities proposed by the DREAMS project more engaging and innovative. I personally found the project very interesting because it enriched another role I have in this school: to help my colleague during the orientation phase, when students have to chose the secondary school. Thanks to the piloting, I was able to work closely with students and to know their doubts and fears related to the choice of the secondary school. The experience made me realise that my approach during the orientation phase must be different from the one I used. I would suggest to let the colleagues to experience the activities before doing the piloting. The MOOC was definitely an important, interesting and fundamental step that enriched our knowledge, but during the MOOC I would make it possible for the colleagues to experience the activities that will be done with students."

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