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Insight into the DREAMS method: students can work together and share ideas about their future

Ana Paula, a teacher from AEB (Portugal) shares her experience with the DREAMS piloting:

“The best part for me was seeing the students working together, very enthusiastic and

with a lot of ideas what will happen in their future.

The most difficult part: as you all know during the pandemic times, it's not easy work it with students at school because they need to use masks; you need to keep social distance and it is not easy to work with students. What I learned during the process: I learned that the students were more confident with us, they shared their feelings and they discuss with us about their fears, about changing to a new school, about losing friends and about the new teachers that maybe don't support them as they did during basic school. It was good to know they are afraid of this. An advice for other educators: try to do and develop our activities and work in the classroom with your students. Pay attention to what they feel, and how they feel about changing to a new school”

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