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Insight into the DREAMS method: both teachers and students take on a new challenge

A teacher from ICCG (Italy) shares his experience with the DREAMS piloting:

"Hi! I’m Giuseppe and I participated as teacher in the project Erasmus DREAMS, together with other colleagues. It was a very interesting experience and, especially for me, a new experience. I had never participated in something similar. It was the first time that I take on a new challenge to experiment a new form of expression, namely the theatre, both personally and then through my students. We experienced many complex parts, especially during the theoretical training, where there are a lot of inputs, maybe – according to me- too many. I think that it is true that theoretical foundations are fundamental but it is needed to dedicate more time to experimentation, to the concrete experience, which make us more conscious of what we have learned in theory. The best moments were those where students were enthusiastic to participate. They were a little puzzled and reluctant at the beginning. They did not let go. But with time, they really appreciated the activities and they would have liked to continue also in other afternoons. In the Trip, there were many interesting parts. For example, when they opened it up for burning discussion, while in other moment the process was a bit long-winded. Probably, it would be better to skip some parts and deepen the others where conflict and confrontation come out, which can stimulate people’s grow, both young and adult, like us. So, I recommend this process to all of you. I suggest you live it with enthusiasm, but also with lightness."


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