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Insight into the DREAMS method: an opportunity for mutual growth between students and teachers

An educator from ICCG (Italy) shares her experience with the DREAMS piloting:

"Hello everyone. I am Lorena Viola, I work as teacher at the Cassarà-Guida Institute. I have also participated in the Erasmus+ DREAMS project, an enriching and stimulating experience for me, as teacher, and for students as well. The part of the project I liked the most was the one linked with the experimentation with the students. Working with them, it’s an important moment of discovery and mutual growth. The used theatre methodologies – which I did not previously knew – gave the possibility also to those more timid and silent students to express with ease their own point of view. In this way, everyone contributed to the full realisation of the project. The most difficult part was the initial selection phase. We would have liked that all our students of the last year could participate. But, due to the Covid-19 restrictions did not make it possible. In relation to the project, I want to suggest to simplify the initial theoretical part, and to give more space to the experimentation with the students, which is the hearth of the project. I would recommend this project to my colleagues and to use the theatre methodologies we tested as an efficient tool to assist the transition from primary to secondary school, and to prevent ESL. Goodbye, thank you and see you for the next project!"


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