DREAMS Project participates in #ErasmusDays

The Dreams project is participating in the #ErasmusDays events (15th, 16th, 17th October), promoted by the Erasmus+ Program. We are asking the following question to learn more about the community experiences related to the transition from Primary to Secondary school:

¿Do you remember your first day of Secondary School? Share your story with us via @dreamsprojectEU!

#ErasmusDays #dreamsprojectEU

#sepie #inclusion #diversity #earlyschoolleaving #prevention #schooleducation

Dreams partners: La Xixa Teatre CESIE Istituto Comprensivo "Cassarà-Guida" - Partinico Escola Básica do 2º e 3º Ciclo de D. Luis Mendonça Furtado Escola L'Esperança

With the DREAMS Project we offer tools for the school community to assure an inclusive and smooth transition from Primary to Secondary School.

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Dreams Project

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