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DREAMS piloting completed: testing a new approach to school transitioning!

After teachers were trained using the MOOC, and against all odds due to Covid restrictions, the DREAMS piloting began in October 2020 and ended in January 2021. The pilots took place during in three schools in Italy, Spain and Portugal with the following participants during 16-18 hour workshops:

  • 6 teachers with 23 students from ICCG accompanied by an educator from CESIE, in Partinico (Italy)

  • 3 teachers with 18 students from L'Esperança School, accompanied by 2 educators from La Xixa, in Barcelona (Spain)

  • 3 teachers with with 24 students from the AEB schools in Barreiro (Portugal)

During the piloting, teachers tried out the DREAMS methodology, adapting the proposed learning paths and activities to their contexts.

As a result, we were able to test the effectiveness of the DREAMS methods to provide support to students in their transitioning to Secondary school (and to teenagehood!)

Keep in touch for teacher insights on how the pilots went!


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