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How COVID-19 is affecting the DREAMS Project

The DREAMS Project, like most Erasmus+ activity has been affected by the coronavirus outbreak. Face-to-face activities such as a teacher training and student pilots foreseen to happen between March and May have been postponed. After a few weeks of observing the evolution of the outbreak, and taking into account indications by our national agencies, as well as national and international relevant institutions (World Health Organization, national health and education ministries, etc.), we are currently figuring out the best way to achieve project results given the social distancing measure, and the yet to be determined guidelines of the “new normal”. 

In the meantime, we keep on working from home: researching best practices for Primary to Secondary School transitioning and early school leaving prevention, working on our methodology, and putting some thought on how we should adapt our methodology to the needs of current times, putting our project at the service of ESL prevention in the new COVID and post-COVID educational contexts. COVID is a challenge for the entire education system, and in the DREAMS Project we wish to contribute solutions for smooth transitions.

We will be updating the information on our blog with news about how the DREAMS Project will adapt to the new situation in the upcoming days. 

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